2017. Time to start over…. AGAIN!

As I am typing this, it is the first day of 2017. I woke up to the wretched smell of last nights pizza, make up still on and a hangover smeared over my face! It’s safe to say we definitely saw the new year in the only way we knew how, with plenty of food & alcohol.

I ended 2016 at the heaviest I have ever been some 7 months after I joined slimming world and vowed to lose weight. I failed. AGAIN. I am currently around half a stone heavier than my joining weight and a dress size larger. I guess this kind of defeats the object of paying £4.95 to attend group each week.

31 weeks ago I walked through the doors to a wonderful supportive group weighing 12st 10.5lb and struggling to pull on my size 12 jeans. I had already thrown away all my size 14 clothes the summer before and vowed  I would never buy them again… but here I am! Now tipping the scales at approximately 13st 5lb and struggling to pull on my size 14 jeans. God bless leggings and baggy t-shirts. they have been my ultimate saviour this week because none of my other clothes fit!

I attend group as often as I can. I am a big believer that best weeks always follow after staying to group. Sometimes work and life can get very busy because I always over-commit myself, which means I will only drop in and weigh but none the less I always try my hardest to make it. I have some good weeks, I follow the plan (which I love) by the book. I see a good loss and I feel great. I start to notice my face getting smaller and looking better, clothes feel kinder to me and I get dressed quicker, with less outfit changes. Then I’ll have a single night out or a busy day and I’ll fall off the wagon but not just for the day. A bad day will turn into a bad week then this will turn into a bad month. I don’t get upset when i gain, I just accept that it’s the result of me enjoying life in the way i have wanted to for that week. I’ll pull myself back to it and refocus. I’ll have a good week or two, lose what i have gained then it’ll all be down hill again. I guess I’m an all or nothing girl. Not just with my diet but in all areas of my life. Fitness, studying, saving, I just go hard or go home. I yo-yo in every single aspect of my life. Today I am starting my journey to find that middle ground. 2017 is the year that I finally achieve my goals.

I’ve tried every. single. diet. You name it, I’ve probably done it and no doubt saw results. But ultimately slimming world is my favourite it’s so easy to follow, you never feel deprived, you can always have whatever you fancy when made SW friendly and I can save my syns for Gin & Tonics. So where has the plan let me down? It hasn’t, I’ve let myself down. I don’t regularly keep a food diary, I count syns in my head or when I am out loose track or fail to count them. I’m angry at myself for not hitting my goal already. For ordering pizza when I could have made a SW friendly one faster. For going to the pub instead of going food shopping. For eating weekly Nando’s and ordering within my syn limit but then covering it in sauce and not counting. But mostly for wasting weekends too hungover to cook for myself or letting my impulse take over and eat everything in sight. It’s time to put a stop to it all and make a commitment to change for good. I have given myself 12 weeks to lose a stone and half. That’s 2lb a week. If I don’t achieve it, I know I will give up for good so I only see one option, to succeed.

That’s my reason for starting a blog. I commit to writing once a week, after my weigh in. I hope this will give me time to reflect on the previous week and then focus my time and energy on what I am going to do for the coming week. It’s not just about meal planning and prepping. It’s about staying focused and in the forefront of my mind having the determination to reach my goal. I will need to plan in all areas of my life. Understand how I will overcome my biggest challenges and rewire my brain to think like a slimmer not a sinner. I will be ready to deal with the up’s and downs but ultimately my goal is to see more downs (on the scales).

Today it is back to basics, writing a daily food diary and planning the next day. Remembering my reasons for starting my journey and finding the motivation to carry on even with my little set back.
I will you all a happy and prosperous new year. I hope you achieve your goals whatever they may be. I know that I WILL be making 2017 my healthiest year yet. I have to, it’s the year I turn 30!



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