“Freezer Dump” – slow cooker friendly meal prep.

I am so bad at coming up with excuses not to stick to plan. I’m currently studying towards a degree part time around my full time job and have my next exam in two weeks. Usually around exam time I refuse to cook as it is not good use of my time, I need to spend each spare second studying. So in my bid to stay super prepared and ready for anything I spent my afternoon today prepping a “freezer dump”. Yes apparently that’s what the Americans call it. Once I had written it all out it was really easy and I’m quite excited that I now have loads of meals I can put into my slow cooker and not need to do much else other than give it the occasional stir!

Earlier this week My brother shared this post on Facebook; http://cooktopcove.com/2016/04/27/10-delicious-freezer-meal-recipes-to-dump-into-the-slow-cooker/?src=swp_51533&t=syn and i thought it sounded brilliant! Two hours out of my week making meals for 8 days with lunches left over for the next day. I’d be able to come home to a cooked meal & have more time for my studies, or more time to fill with procrastinating from them!

I did a little search with those magic words and found this slimming world friendly version; http://www.kiesworld.uk/p/each-recipe-serves-2-adults-and-one.html?m=1 I used all the recipies from this blog but switched out a few ingredients to suit my taste and added a bit extra so each recipie would give me around 4 servings.

I made a shopping list and did an online order from Asda, it came to £42 (I did already have a few staples in the cupboards). I wrote the recipies out on little flash cards, the ones I am supposed to be using for my revision (procrastination) and when the shopping arrived I used the list to get out everything I would need. I prepared all the ingredients by peeling and chopping etc. Then I got the bags out and put my recipe cards in front and simply added what I needed to each bag one ingredient at a time. The whole thing took me around 2 hours from when the shopping arrive till I had cleaned away.

I am hoping that all my hard work this afternoon will make dinner over the next few busy days absolutely effortless. I also have no excuse not to stick to plan as everything is ready!



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