Week 2 – Life on easy street

“Follow the plan 100% and the plan will work for you”. I must have heard this every single week since joining slimming world but I have NEVER followed the plan 100%. I always go over my syns or fall off the wagon when I go out to eat or drink, when I am tired, stressed or even worse HANGRY. Not this week though, all thanks to my planning and preparation. This week I planned everything to the last detail and I stuck to it exactly the way I had wanted. I have to admit, I think this is the first time ever i have stuck to my weekly plan. I guess that’s the trick I have been missing for the last several months, it’s all well and good having the plan but you have to follow it.

I spent last Wednesday evening planning all my meals, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. I made sure I included both my healthy extras and a few ideas for some syn treats. Friday I spent three hours in the kitchen meal prepping which was a massive help. Those hours were definitely well spent as my week has been pretty effortless. I  Have eaten all the food I had planned too, nothing has gone in the bin and I haven’t had a single ‘cheat’ day or meal off plan. I made sure the whole week I stayed within my syns (apart from one) and even when eating out I managed to do it.

Friday I went to nandos and I had a large salad with chicken and spicy rice (5 syns).
I spent Saturday studying but made sure I had breakfast before I started and I made soup for lunch and switched my usual study sweets for hifi bars. I went out Saturday night but I made sure I had a syn free day. I made dinner before we went out and made sure I had SW chips in the fridge for when I got home so I wouldn’t be tempted by fast food. My only syns on Saturday were Gin & slimline tonic.
Sunday I was a little worse for wear but was determined to stick to my plan and not go out or order food. Despite wanting to stay in bed I got up and cooked a roast dinner with all the trimmings, mostly free and well within my 15 syns.
Monday I went to Bristol for a training course and had dinner in waggamamas. I thought it would all be relatively low syn however when checking the app the meal I had planned on ordering was a whopping 35 syns. (Note; always try to check menus and SW app before going anywhere to eat out). A quick search on google and an ex employee of waga’s & SW member suggested I asked for chicken teriyaki donburi to be served without sauce and the chicken steamed (approx. 7 syns) with a side of edamame beans, so I ordered this instead. Although I did try to eat the edamame pods. My friend noticed I was struggling to chew, eventually after her laughter has subsided and I politely discarded them into my napkin because they were rancid she managed tell me you were supposed to discard them and that’s what the second empty bowl was for!! Who knew?
Tuesday the food provided on the course all looked amazing. There was a buffet style spread with hot food, salads, cheese and desserts. I opted for the hot quinoa salad with more cold salad and a jacket potato. I avoided the dessert table but had a couple of pink wafers and a curlywurly staying within my syns.

I guess you’re wondering how I did after eating so well all week. Well I lost a whopping 3lb, gone forever and I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t struggled at all this week and I feel like I might finally have found my motivation and focus. I stayed to group and have some good ideas of how I am going to tackle the week ahead and keep my focus. Lets hope I see a similar loss next week as there is unfortunately no night out this weekend but I’m sure I will still find time (and syns) for a gin or two.



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