Week 3 – Slow and steady wins the race (apparently).

I’m slightly disappointed this week. I’ve hit it wholeheartly and saw only a small loss. Albeit a loss and I know every single loss adds up but I have worked so hard!

My friend always says in group “Just because you weigh in weekly, doesn’t necessarily mean your body will follow suit”, and this has never sounded truer to me.

I have finally had one of ‘them’ weeks. You know the ones people sit in group and talk about, moaning how they swear they’ve been 100% on plan but you never quite believe it! You sit there think yeah yeah Margret, bet you’ve had a little slip up, sly chippy dinner or a sneaky mars bar (we’ve all been there).

But this week, I was totally on plan, every, single, day. I wrote down everything that passed my lips and stayed under my syns every day (checking app regularly to make sure I was counting right). I made sure I had both healthy extras and didn’t touch a single drop of gin (or any other alcohol)! I had one meal out on Sunday, a roast dinner. I gave my boyfriend the yourkshire and 1 spud and added extra veg. I didn’t have my usual ‘day-off’ where nothing counts, I counted EVERYTHING.

So how did I do? I lost 0.5lb! Half a tiny little pound?! My hair extensions I had taken out the night before weigh in had to weigh more than that right? I was expecting a whopping 4-5lb after my amazing week on plan and a 3lb loss the week before. I duplicated everything. The only difference is I had 0 alcohol. So I guess what I am trying to say is, that the moral of this story is to always use syns on gin 🙂

I will not be disheartened tho, I am going to carry on exactly as I have been. I came home from group and made my chicken pasta as planned and still stayed within my syns!

This week is going to be challenging I go to London Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon and I’ll have to choose my meals wisely. I’ll probably go over my syns on Saturday only but I’m not going to get too stressed about it.
Then Monday & Tuesday I’m on study leave with a 3-hour exam Wednesday so I can not stress eat or be unprepared. I am going to make slimming world harribo style jellies so I don’t reach for the real harribos and make sure I eat a to of speed and protein so I am staying full!

I have planned all my meals, planned all my snacks, wrote a food shop list for on the way home Sunday. All I have to do is follow the plan and the plan will work. Let’s hope I can stick to it & see a better result next week.

Wish me luck….


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