Week 4 – I was hangry!

Rule number 1 of any sustainable diet plan is to never let yourself get hungry.

Actually it’s to never let yourself get so hungry you accidently on purpose eat anything & everything in sight, especially half a dominos pizza (after taking 10 minutes to decide what to order & waiting 20 for it to be delivered).

“It was a snackcident honest!”

I could say I don’t know how it happens but I then proceeded to drink half a bottle of red wine and pass out before 9.30pm in the hotel room! I was tired, it had been a long stressful week. I’m not coping well studying part time whilst working full time and I think this will be my biggest weight loss challenge this year. Making sure I don’t get hangry! Or too tired to care.

We set off for a weekend in London to see my boyfriends favourite band (avange sevenfold) at the O2 arena but obviously two nights and days were needed. We left much later than planned, I’d finished work late and was behind in my study plan. By. Beind I mean to say, I hadn’t got my books out for the few days and my exam was on the horizon.I was stressed, hungry, annoyed and to be honest completely exhausted by the time we arrived. We were supposed to be heading out to a nearby restaurant for a nice low syn meal, steak and veg or chicken and rice but when my boyfriend suggested ordering a dominoes to the room and drinking a bottle of my favourite red (Campo Viejo – Rioja) I just couldn’t refuse. I did go online to check the syns first before deciding what to order and I did write all 120 into my food diary and account for them. I considered the evening a write of due to pure laziness on my part and though I’d just start again in the morning….

That is until the morning came and the hotel breakfast didn’t have much SW friendly food on offer. I had the whole meal toast small size (healthy extra), beans and a poached egg. But I also had a sausage, hash brown and steaky bacon. As it turns out I’m no longer a fan of streaky bacon & I left it on my plate (Hurrah). I am still a fan of mini blueberrie muffins tho and ate two. I had planned for a 7 syn Nando’s for dinner but the que was so huge at least 20 people queuing outside the door & TGI Friday’s cocktail bar was calling me in from the cold. So I decided to hell with it. Another night won’t hurt, we’re away enjoying ourselves so no more strict rules. I ate everything in the picture this weekend …


Plus a few too many gin based cocktails & a bottle of wine.

Now I could come up with a million excuses however in all honesty there are none. My other half isn’t to blame as I didn’t take much convincing and I didn’t bother to ‘seek out’ healthier alternatives. Unfortunelty as you guessed (and as I expected) I saw a gain tonight. That little half a pound I complained about so much last week has crept back on. & it really doesn’t seem so little anymore.

I am angry with myself for not trying harder and sticking to the plan I set myself. I also accept that sometimes it happens & our inner monkey takes over the logical part of our brains and we eat with out thinking about the consequences or the bigger picture.

I guess one thing I’ll take away from this week is that I did get straight back on it Monday. Before I would have carried on until after weigh in. So I guess that’s a major non scale victory. It also made me feel pretty awful. I was tried, bloated and felt uncomfortable in my own skin & every single outfit. Hopefully that’s motivation enough not to go so off the rails again.

Heres a few of the things I ate that were free or within my syn allowance…


I also discovered sugar free sweets this week which helped me massively when studying. The werther’s are 0.5 syns each and the lollies are 1.5 syns each. Amazing. I got both from Asda.


I sat my first level 5 CIPS exam today which was pretty stressful and went for my usual post exam Nando’s with my friend. Now I’m about to make my meal plan for the week to ensure I undo the damage I’ve caused. I’m away in Bristol for two nights studying so I’ll miss group next week but someone suggested finding a group there there. So I did & I got directions,whilst sat in group, and Siri proceeded to tell everyone out loud the directions, whoops! Never the less I will be getting to group & I will be seeing a loss next week.



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