2017 – The end of Chapter 1 

The last week of January has gone pretty well for me. I ate out a grand total of 8 times this week. Two for pleasure (one meal was a beef salad at wildwood and the other was a mahoosive burger and fries at GBK – I see that as balance) and the rest all whilst away in Bristol for training with work. I managed to make mostly good choices whilst on the catered for course and I even walked a mile & half in the rain through Bristol to get to a group! This was not easy, for anyone who has never been to the West Country it’s pretty hilly. We’re not talking little tiny hills that are easy to get up and over. We’re taking massive inclines that seem to go on so high you start to wonder if you’ll be able to touch the clouds when you get to top or if you’ll eventually lose balance and slip back down. After my mammoth 25 minute walk you can only imagine the disappointment on my face when I saw I had maintained this week. Only then to be greated by a downpour of rain and the return mile & half journey being mostly uphill. I spreadically check my diary when I got back to the hotel, trying despreately to remember if I had it right. I did, I’d written in everything. 1 day I went over my 15 syns, Sunday, in GBK but all of my other days and meals I was on plan. I even had a free food day Friday & ordered a salad in Wildwood (with no dressing) so I could have two gins that night. So yeah I was a little disheartened but still it wasn’t a gain! 

I’m very glad that January is done and dusted as I have no exams this month just lots of revision ready for march exam now my two day course is done. I’ve looked back at my month by reading my posts and it’s really helped me to reflect on where I am and what I want to achieve this year (target member) and set out how I am going to get there. I decided that now is a good time to look back over January so here goes…

Wow it’s been a whole month now since I started my blog and made a promise to myself to update it regularly to keep my focus & I did it – yay me! I was full of motivation & determination ready to tackle January head on and overcome anything. I was bubbling with excitement and the great weeks of weight loss yet to come and could not wait to drop a dress size. I needed to focus, over come January blues and the stress of sitting my first level 5 exam. Ready to change my lifestyle once and for all.

On reflection of the pass month I haven’t succeeded in what I ultimately set out too; a loss consistently every single week. I have only made a small dent in my weight loss and I am still not back to my starting weight. I’ve got a long way to go to target but I am closer than when I started writing my blog. 

>So what went wrong and why did I fail? I let life get in the way. I had days where I thought oh sod it im going to have whatever I want and start again tomorrow. I had days were I was too busy to think about food or too tired to make anything substantial. I’ve eaten out and made bad choices knowing full well it would affect my plan. 

>Do I feel like a failure this month? No not really. Sometimes that’s just life and unfortunately it happens to all of us. I don’t have the willpower or the burning desire to be a saint 100% of the time. I love alcohol and junk food far too much. I have still managed to lose and keep off 3 pounds this month. Determined that it will never return to my body. Ultimately I see that as a win. I’ve eaten out a fair bit and 80% of the time chosen free food or low syn. I haven’t had a single day “off plan” I have accounted for and written down everything. Another win for me. 

I see all these small changes all as, what the slimming world community call, “non scale victories”. I’ve not seen the loss I had planned for in January (7lb) but I have implemented lots of small changes. I hope that I can continue to implement the little things weekly and slowly spend the year turning my life around. 

>What am I going to do next? Exactly what I have been doing. Continuing to go and stay to group. Write everything down until I feel I don’t need to. Update my blog weekly to keep me honest and accountable on my journey. 

“Life is a book. Every day is a new page. Every month is a new chapter. Every year is a new series. It’s never to late to start over.”


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