My best week yet! 

I have done a complete 180 this week, from self sabotaging my weight loss to having my best week to-date! 

I did exactly the same as I do every other week. I made a meal plan, looked at my week to see where I could fall down and made plans for this, then I stuck to it! Only I stuck to it 100%. Sounds so simple when I write it down. I promised myself an alcohol free week & staying within my syn allowance (apart from preplanned flexi syn Thursday night) & I lost a whopping 4lb. Unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it, I almost fell off the scales. 

I went to pizza express Thursday night, I planned to have the mozerella & tomato salad to start and a leggera veggie pizza (the one with a whole in the middle that’s replaced with salad – I know right it’s not even pizza but my jeans told me it was the best option). When I got there instead of being in my usual mind set of “oh sod the ‘diet’ for just one night, bring me this pizza and wine!” I really thought about how I would feel in group if that decision affected my loss. So I ordered what I had planned to and I didn’t feel like I was missing out because I was in control and I made the best choice for me. I guess that’s where the importance of staying to group and taking part in image therapy comes into play. I know that if my consultant didn’t talk me through this, I would have gone for a larger pizza & the garlic bread and forgot about my goal for just 1 day. 

That’s when I realised that I’m not on a restrictive diet. Nothing is off limits. There is no race to get to the finish line. This is my journey and it’s up-to me, and me alone to make the best choices to get the results I want to see. 

I still feel like I’m on cloud 9 and today following the plan 100% has felt effortless. This week I’m trying to go alcohol free again, and I’m hoping I find it as easy as last week. 

My secret? Alcohol free gin & tonic in a can which is sugar free & syn free! It’s from the co-op & I swear when it’s super cold in your usual glass with ice and a slice you can’t even tell the difference. No more gin for my syns hurrah. (At least not until I can be more sensible with my syns). This also meant no hangover, fuzzy head and bad judgement on what to eat the day after. I guess that’s the trick, keep a clear mind and stay focused on what you want to achieve. I’ve gotta start thinking of my journey as a lifestyle change rather than something I am on & off with! 

I’m hoping to lose at least 2lb this week then I will be back at my starting weight ready to shift some serious pounds and get closer to that target! 


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