The final fresh start 

It’s now 5 months into the year 2017, and that means it’s been almost half a year since I decided to have a fresh start. But yet here I am wiping the slate clean once more! 

I haven’t blogged for a while because I have been so busy with exams and work, life has taken over and lazy old me didn’t make time to blog. I also wasn’t doing so well on my journey that i committed myself too. I was losing a little, gaining a little more and pretty much maintaining.

So here I am several weeks later and still no slimmer. I went on an all inclusive holiday to turkey, and boy did I enjoy myself. Unfortunately the copious amount of cocktails & food I consumed pretty much left me half a pound away from where I “restarted in January”. I knew it would be bad so on the 5th May before I weighed in after holiday I re joined as a new member. I weighed 13st 4.5lb, I think that’s pretty much what I weighed after Christmas. I decided to start fresh, partly because since January there is a plus in my book still and largely because my wonderful boyfriend, Harry,  asked me to marry him on holiday! I am not trying on a single wedding dress until I get to target. So now I have my ultimate motivation. 

I also moved to my consultants new group which is 7.30 am on a Friday and I’ve joined the social team helping out with weighing in to ensure I turn up every week; now I’m not sure how much of it is physiological but I feel like Friday’s & a morning weigh is just so much better for me. It gives me Friday afternoons to plan my meals and write my shopping list, and to focus on the whole working week before going back to group. I also think this will help me be much more successful on my third and final attempt this year. 

My first week of my “final fresh start” went really well. I took it back to basics, I got all of my books out and kept a food diary and fit log. I acted as if I was brand new and looked up every single thing that passed my lips. It was really helpful to do as it shed a little light on why I wasn’t getting the losses I wanted to see. I’d gotten lazy and had been sneaking syns in without realising or bothering to count. I weighed in this morning and I had lost 4lb, I’m absolutely over the moon! I will be doing the same again this week & I will be back to blogging. 


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